Theresa H - Yoga Teacher

Theresa is a certified yoga teacher (250RYT) based in Stockholm. She loves to guide people to feel and move through yoga. Her yoga style is influenced by Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga through strong flowing yoga posture practice, followed by pranayama and meditation to help calm the nervous system and still the mind. She has a background in diplomacy & peace mediation as well as PR & marketing.

When she is not doing yoga she loves to do fitness at the gym or skiing outdoors and to hang out with her family. Her own yoga journey started over 10 years ago. Yoga was her go-to when her busy diplomatic work and extensive travelling  was causing stress and burn out. It also helped her heal from a difficult injury as well as through her pregnancies and post-partum.

For her, yoga is a way of life and she is a strong believer of connecting people through yoga and nature. Her dream is to combine yoga, travel and adventure through her retreats. She loves to see others blossom through yoga and encourages everyone to find their own way on the mat. 

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